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30 HR Templates for all Your Business Needs

Joanna Zambas
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Running an effective human resources department can be a tricky task. Most of the key employee issues you’re likely to encounter – such as dismissals, benefits and hiring practices – are built around reams of legislation, meaning it can be difficult to navigate your way through all the jargon. Indeed, it can be easy to leave yourself open to legal challenges if any of the language in your HR forms is off the mark.

This is why it’s invaluable to have templates to refer to that are written by dedicated HR experts. So, whether you’re a small businesses looking for a guiding hand or a large company hoping to optimise your process, here are 30 examples of what a professional template can do for your business…

1. Compensation Claims Checklist

When an employee files a compensation claim against your business, you need to protect yourself from any potential legal complications. This four-page document ensures that you have every angle covered while adhering to standard workplace policies and regulations.

Worker compensation template  

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2. Employee Benefit Plan Explanation Letter

Clarifying your company’s benefits package to new and existing employees requires attention to detail and language that is easy to understand. This explanation letter provides both, allowing all members of staff to know what they are entitled to and when.

Employee benefit plan

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3. Compensation and Benefits Manager Job Description

If you’re looking to recruit someone to take charge of your compensation and benefits issues, then you need to elucidate the responsibilities and requirements of the position. This job description hits the nail on the head, allowing you to target the right level of candidate for your company.

Compensation benefits manager description

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4. Reference Check Letter

When you’re recruiting new staff, reference checks are one of the most important parts of the process. This checklist details everything you should be asking when conducting your checks, allowing you to paint a better picture of your potential hire and make a more informed recruitment decision.

Reference check letter

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5. Reference Request and Release

When contacting an applicant’s previous employers, it is a legal requirement to first obtain permission from the applicant. This short and sharply-worded template satisfies the legislative demand while making it clear to your prospective employee what they are agreeing to.

Reference request and release

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6. Reference Check Phone Script

If you’re conducting your reference checks over the phone, then it’s a good idea to make the process more efficient by using a prewritten script. This handy template gives you guidance on how to approach the questions, as well as address any legal obligations on your part, allowing you to obtain the information that you need.

Reference check phone script

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7. Pre-Termination Checklist

Letting go of employees can be a potential minefield, with the possibility of leaving yourself open to legal action if you do not follow the process to the letter. This checklist ensures that you protect yourself from such potential complications, as well as offers a practical step-by-step guide to what needs to be done.

Pre-termination checklist

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8. Termination Meeting Checklist

One such part of the termination process is the actual meeting itself, where the employee will be informed that they are being dismissed. This can be a particularly sensitive interaction, but it’s important to maintain professionalism and adhere closely to HR and policy guidelines. Do so with this robust and legally sound checklist.

Termination meeting checklist

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9. Notice of Termination

Before the meeting, it’s also necessary to provide an official and professional letter to your employee, notifying them of your intention to terminate their contract. This is a legal obligation, so it’s important that the document is worded correctly and with a degree of sensitivity, as well gives the employee the chance to prepare in advance for the aforementioned meeting.

Notice of termination template

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10. Hiring Employees Checklist

Every company wants to act safely in the knowledge that they are hiring the right people, and that means installing a robust recruitment process from the initial application right through to the actual offer of employment. This handy checklist gives you a general overview of each stage, ensuring that you don’t miss anything out.

Hiring employee checklist

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11. Applicant Selection Criteria Record

Once you’ve created a shortlist of applicants that demonstrate promise, you need to closely assess each candidate and whittle your selections down to just one. Aside from allowing you to directly compare applicants, this template also serves as a handy reference should you need to justify your final hiring decision later on.

Applicant selection criteria

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12. Employment Offer Letter

Once that process has been completed, all that is left is to formally offer the job to the lucky applicant. Again, this is a legally binding document that could potentially be used in a visa/work permit application, so it needs to be professional and clear, just like this template.

Employment offer

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13. Health and Disability Insurance Checklist

Most companies offer some form of insurance benefit to their employees – indeed, in many countries, it is a mandatory legal requirement. This checklist allows you to assess the quality and efficiency of your company’s current insurance agreement with providers and to determine whether or not you should try to shop elsewhere.

Health and disability insurance

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14. Insurance Coverage for New Employee Request

If insurance is mandatory by law in your industry, then you need to be proactive in securing coverage for any new employees. All the information you will need to provide is covered in this handy template letter, which should be sent to your insurance provider at the earliest opportunity.

Insurance coverage for new employee

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15. Directors and Officers Insurance Checklist

Company insurance policies can differ significantly for directors and executives, so you need to ensure that your current policy is offering value. Similar to the earlier checklist for general employees, this self-complete assessment can give you a lot of insight into whether or not you should consider changing.

Insurance coverage for directors and officers

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16. Interview Appointment Letter

When inviting an applicant to a formal interview, it’s good practice to document the invitation in a formal letter. This provides the applicant with all the necessary details, such as the date, time and location of the interview, as well as any necessary details such as dress code or instructions for when they arrive at the office.

Interview appointment letter

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17. Exit Interview Form

When one of your employees leaves the company voluntarily, it’s usually standard practice to conduct a brief interview to clarify the reasons for leaving and tie up any loose administrative ends. It’s also a good opportunity to get some feedback from your departing employee and end the working relationship on good terms. This handy form goes over all the essentials.

Exit interview form

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18. Post-Interview Rejection Letter

Of course, for every successful applicant that lands the job, there will be a slew of disappointed candidates, too. This sensitively worded and professional rejection letter is ideal for breaking the bad news to them, putting a positive spin on their whole interview experience.

Rejection letter

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19. Admin Manager Job Description

As previously mentioned, the more accurate, detailed and clear a job description, the more likely you are to find the right calibre of candidates. This template for an administrative role takes into account the skillset required to fill the vacancy.

Admin manager job description


20. CEO Job Description

As an executive job description aimed at high calibre and experienced candidates, the wording needs to be attractive and targeted at a certain type of candidate. It is likely that you would headhunt someone for this kind of position, so a job description like this needs to sound desirable, too.

CEO job description

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21. Sales Manager Job Description

Good sales managers that can deliver consistently are worth their weight in gold, regardless of the industry. To attract the best, it’s vital to grab the attention of any possible candidates and impress them with a professional and exciting description.

Sales manager job description

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22. Marketing Manager Job Description

As with sales managers, every successful organisation needs a strong marketing manager that can oversee campaigns and promote your brand. Marketing managers tend to be more creative, so this needs to be reflected in your job description for the role.

Marketing manager job description

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23. Employee Recognition Letter

Motivating your employees and making them aware of your appreciation for their efforts will always be received well, whether you choose to reward them financially or otherwise. This letter template demonstrates how you can voice your recognition without sounding condescending.

Employee recognition letter

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24. Company Bonus Letter

If you do decide a bonus is merited, it’s a good idea to formally inform the recipient and explain your thoughts and reasoning rather than just handing over a cheque. This letter is a great way to show your appreciation for the work your top-performing employees are doing.

Company bonus letter

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25. Promotion Announcement Letter

When you promote someone within your company, it’s generally a cause for celebration and congratulations. Most companies choose to make their promotions public for everyone in the company to see, but it’s also nice to add a personal touch and talk positively about the person getting promoted.

Promotion announcement letter

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26. Employee Complimentary Letter

Sometimes, it’s good HR practice to commend someone when they handle a potentially tricky situation well. Receipt of a written expression of gratitude can be important for the recipient’s appraisal, so this letter template is a perfect example of how to reward someone for their efforts while also bringing closure to the original situation.

Complimentary letter

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27. Grievance Policy

It’s important – and required by law – for companies to have an official grievance policy in place, whereby employees of the company can file their respective complaints in a fair, unbiased and protected way. This policy template clearly lays out the mechanisms of the process so that all members of staff can understand and follow it.

Grievance policy

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28. Work Hours and Reporting Policy

Again, it’s important that employees are aware of what they are entitled to – and what is expected of them – including directions on working hours, break times and contract rights. This template clearly sets out all the above so that staff can reference the document at any time.

Work hours policy

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29. Overtime Policy

Overtime policy can be a little more complex than standard working hours, so this template delves not just into information on rates but also what constitutes overtime and when employees are eligible for it.

Overtime policy

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30. Privacy in the Workplace Policy

Much of the data and information that your business uses should be considered confidential, particularly if it is of a sensitive nature. Therefore, it is important to implement a privacy policy so that your employees understand the guidelines around, and consequences of, divulging said information. This policy template clarifies both.

Workplace privacy policy

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As you can see, there is a wide variety of potential issues that you need to prepare yourself for as an employer, and everything needs to be clearly set out and documented in a way that offers practical guidance but also protects you legally. Taking the time to invest in a strong HR department can pay off in the long run - and even potentially save you – so don’t cut corners with your documentation.

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