How to Handle Employee Burnout During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Joanna Zambas
Joanna Zambas

Content Manager and Career Expert

Reviewed by Melina Theodorou

Illustration with a photo of Marcella Berry

With employees working and living in the same space, it can be easy for them to start feeling burnt out. The stress of a global pandemic, along with the worry of layoffs is enough to drive someone’s nerves up the wall, without even counting in having to manage work and other daily struggles.

To stay on top of this issue as an employer, you need to take necessary steps and check in with your staff. We consulted Jitjatjo’s Chief People Officer, Marcella Berry, to share her experience and advice on this matter.

Marcella notes that remote workers still struggle to find a good working-from-home routine. This is where the employer needs step in and create a safe environment where team members can express their feelings and thoughts without repercussion.

One method to create an inclusive environment is to set up an events committee who helps plan fun and engaging activities for the team to connect through video calls. Some ideas include virtual happy hour, chocolate tasting classes and quiz nights.

Marcella also advises employees to take the time to plan and organise their day effectively as this removes any stress triggers from arising. Besides staying organised, sticking to a set routine, working out and incorporating powernaps into your daily schedule can also help keep your morale up and prevent burnout. Encouraging your employees to seek help when they are struggling is also vital as they may be able to learn and adopt new techniques that will keep improve their performance and mental health.

As a manager, Marcella says that she must lead by example. Although she has experienced burnout before, she has to pull herself together and keep the team morale up. She does this by checking in with her team to see how they are handling their tasks and whether they need her help in any way. Her main priority is to ensure that her staff feel accepted and respected!

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