Top Workplaces: 25 Examples of Great Company Culture (2024)

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Today’s jobseekers are looking to work in organizations with distinct company cultures. It’s no coincidence, then, that some of the most successful companies in the world have invested time and effort into cultivating a welcoming, positive environment and a strong brand.

Indeed, to attract the best and brightest talents, companies need to be able to offer their potential candidates more than just monetary gain. And these 25 companies are doing just that.

Read on for our list of the 25 best examples of company culture.

1. TourRadar

TourRadar teamTourRadar via Glassdoor

The leading online travel agency for multiday tours is dedicated to helping both its customers and employees book meaningful travel experiences.

Indeed, life at TourRadar comes with a lot of perks, from daily foosball games to monthly team outings and Beer Fridays to dog-friendly workplaces and free trips! But for TourRadar, great culture isn’t just about offering the best benefits — it’s also about cultivating an environment of collaboration, shared responsibility and innovation.

2. Netflix

The exterior of the Netflix headquartersHollywood Reporter

Netflix’s culture is described by freedom and responsibility. For Netflix, a great workplace consists of a “dream team in pursuit of ambitious common goals” rather than cheap thrills and shiny perks. It expects its staff to strive for excellence and work as a team to achieve the best results they can.

Nonetheless, employees love the sense of trust and flexibility that they have, as the company encourages its staff to create their own work schedules, which can significantly improve work–life balance.

3. Starbucks

Close-up of a Starbucks Coffee signbedobedo /

The coffee giant is strongly committed to inclusion, diversity and equity. Indeed, regardless of their role, all Starbucks employees are referred to as partners in order to form a sense of unity.

Beyond in-store discounts and free coffee and tea, Starbucks partners have their pick on stock options, tuition support, health insurance and even a crisis fun. On some occasions, these benefits are also available to part-time employees.

4. Highspot

The Highspot logo on the window of a conference roomGeekWire

Highspot is another great example of company culture. The fast-growing startup puts a lot of emphasis on its people and strives to create a collaborative spirit and a sense of community among its workforce.

As for the benefits, Highspot staff are spoiled with flexible hours and vacation days — essential in achieving a healthy work–life balance — as well as healthcare coverage, extended parental leave, company outings, lunches and even cooking classes!

5. Airbnb

A sculpture of the Airbnb logoEngadget

Airbnb’s motto “Belong anywhere” isn’t limited to its customer base. Indeed, the online lodging marketplace strives to create an environment where all its employees can find their place.

Airbnb has its very own employee experience team that oversees workplace environment, communications, celebrations and events. Its staff get the complete Airbnb experience too, as the company offers travel coupons that allow its employees to come in direct contact with their work.

6. Adobe

An exterior sign of the Adobe logoAdobe

Adobe is a company that goes above and beyond to give employees challenging projects and also provides trust and support to help them meet those challenges successfully.

While it offers benefits and perks like any modern creative company, Adobe’s is a culture that trusts that its employees will strive to do their very best work. (This alone sounds enough to reduces stress!) Employees are also given stock options so that they know they have both a stake and reward in the company’s success.

7. Costco

The exterior of a Costco storewolterke /

Costco sees its people as the driving force to its success. The company puts emphasis on the wellbeing of its workforce by ensuring that they receive above average wages, health benefits and opportunities for career advancement.

Internal collaboration is another element that can be attributed to the company’s success, as employees are encouraged to work together and form strong bonds that result in a better working environment.


The exterior of an IKEA store in Samara, Russiablinow61 /

IKEA believes that values can only come from the heart. This belief has helped shape an organizational culture that focuses on humbleness, equality and simplicity.

The Swedish furniture retailer strives to create an inclusive environment by encouraging employees to go by a first name basis and work as a team in order to achieve the best results.

9. Facebook


Facebook’s success hasn’t caused the company to forget the importance of keeping their employees happy. Indeed, they have an excellent organizational structure where they give employees the opportunity to grow and better develop themselves.

If you’re driven and you spend your time in the office wisely, you’ll be given trust and responsibility. Employees love this, as they get to see their work change the ever-popular social media platform.

10. LinkedIn


The networking company is committed to making LinkedIn a space that its employees enjoy working in. Although perks like on-site gyms, free food and carefully designed offices are certainly helpful in that mission, LinkedIn’s success is rooted in its values. Indeed, its culture is built on five pillars: transformation, integrity, collaboration, humor and results.

By consistently investing in its people and building a culture worth imitating, the organization has managed to give its workforce a sense of unity and ownership that motivates everyone to do their best work.

11. Zoom

Zoom advertisement on Times Square display in New York CityThe Australian

When it comes to company culture, Zoom goes the extra mile. Zoom facilitates a supportive environment through all-hands meetings, community projects and volunteering. The video communications company even has its very own happiness crew that is tasked with running events, outings and volunteering opportunities for its team.

Zoom strives to create a fun working environment for everyone, and its offices are well-equipped with games rooms, wellness spaces and areas that facilitate different work styles.

12. Intuit

Intuit signTechCrunch

Intuit has a simple yet effective motto: “Do the right thing”. The IT company’s core values focus on positivity and integrity, while its culture is built around diversity. Intuit believes that its employees’ diverse life experiences are a source of power, as they can enrich the company with new, innovative ideas.

By offering a flexible work schedule, on-site activities and development programs, Intuit is focused on helping its workforce prosper and advance their careers.

13. Zappos

Zappos central plaza with 20th anniversary celebratory

Zappos only hires people who align with their core values. In fact, the online retailer became known for offering thousands of dollars to employees who feel that they aren’t suited for the role… to encourage them to leave.

Zappos doesn’t make this an easy choice, though — free lunches, a company library, a nap room and free healthcare are just a few of the perks it offers employees. More importantly, its open-door policy and top-to-bottom approach allow a transparent working environment which enables its workforce to be productive and autonomous.

14. Shopify

The Shopify logo on the side of a buildingBloomberg

The online shopping platform defines culture as “the sum of every single individual at Shopify”. The company became famous for their peer-review system called Unicorn, giving employees a chance to praise each other for their achievements — sort of like a virtual high-five.

Remote work, health insurance, gym memberships, unlimited PTO and a pet-friendly office are just a few of the perks that staff get to enjoy. Meanwhile, the company encourages employees to partake in volunteering opportunities and develop a team spirit through meaningful work.

15. SquareSpace

SquareSpace office interiorTechCrunch

For SquareSpace, communication is at the core of its culture. This is implemented by an open line of communication across all organizational levels, all-hands meetings, informal communication networks and open, collaborative spaces.

SquareSpace’s culture isn’t short of luxury, either, as employees can enjoy free daily lunches and even iced coffee on tap!

16. Mars Inc

The exterior of the Mars Chocolate headquarters buildingFortune

Throughout the years, Mars Inc has remained loyal to its five principles of quality, efficiency, responsibility, mutuality and freedom. Their employees have the option to work flexible hours, bring their pets at the office and collaborate in a family-oriented setting.

Mars Inc also offers several learning programs through Mars University, encouraging its employees’ professional development.

17. Salesforce

Exterior shot of building

The cloud computing pioneer has a great company culture; indeed, their CEO Marc Benioff has set a well-known “Ohana” value, where everyone is seen as an equal part of the Salesforce family.

Volunteerism is also a key part of their corporate culture, as employees are encouraged to choose a non-profit organization they feel strongly about and volunteer for them for seven working days of the year.

18. HubSpot

The interior of HubSpot’s headquartersHubSpot

For HubSpot, a thriving company culture is defined by a clear set of values such us adaptability, empathy, transparency and humility, to name a few. To ensure this, the digital marketing firm has introduced a no-door policy to remove communicational barriers across its team.

HubSpot also places emphasis on its workforce’s personal development, and employees have access to masterclasses, tuition reimbursements, nutrition workshops and unlimited vacation!

19. X

Twitter logo on a brick wallBusiness Insider

Company-sponsored happy hours, commuter benefits, free meals and continuing education stipends are just a few of the benefits that X (formerly Twitter) employees enjoy.

What’s more important, however, is the collaborative and team-oriented environment that allows its workforce to stay inspired and driven by the company’s goals and objectives. Indeed, staff stay motivated because they have the chance to work with individuals who share the same work ethic.

20. Google

Google companyShutterstock

This list would not be complete without this tech tycoon; indeed, Google’s corporate culture has led modern companies by example ever since its founding.

With millions of résumés received every year, Google only hires the best of the best, and its employees are spoiled with perks including free gourmet meals, gym access, dog-friendly work settings and employee trips — not to mention the great salaries, bonuses and excellent corporate policies put forward by the company.

21. Warby Parker

Warby ParkeramNewYork


Warby Parker

Warby Parker cofounders Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal were originally working out of the latter’s small apartment when they were setting up their startup in 2010. Even when the eyewear retailer had one employee, the founders knew they wanted to invest in employee experience.

Today, the company offers exclusive gifts and discounts to staff members, as well as a range of healthcare options, unlimited PTO, a hybrid work model for those who prefer working from home, commuter benefits, and more!

22. Southwest Airlines

Southwest company benefits3BL Media

Southwest Airlines has put a lot of emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive environment. One of their top priorities is to provide the Southwest family a “work environment where they can be themselves and be recognized for the unique perspectives they each bring forward”.

In addition to their DEI efforts, Southwest offers a range of great benefits, from excellent 401k matching to health, dental and vision, free trips for employees, and professional growth support.

23. Patagonia

Patagonia - Environmentally friendly retailer

For many, many years, Patagonia has been seen by many as a great place to work. Its great company culture is partly the result of how the company seeks out and recruits new joiners. That is: they prefer to make use of their colleagues, associates and friends’ professional networks instead of advertising their positions online!

Once team members have joined and settled, the outdoor clothing and equipment retailer offers excellent benefits, including good work–life balance and flexible work hours, which grants autonomy over each worker’s personal time.

24. Chevron

ChevronHart Energy

As of 2024, Chevron has over 45,000 employees worldwide. Despite the size of its workforce, however, the energy corporation still manages to stand out for its organizational culture, which prioritizes employee wellbeing on a personal and professional level.

It does so by offering workplace volunteer programs (which have been proven to have a positive effect on team members, both physically and mentally), as well as by investing in DEI efforts and providing attractive benefits.

25. REI

REIFox Business

REI’s mission is to “foster a culture of respect, belonging and hard work”. Those certainly sound like the right ingredients for an inspiring workplace culture!

The corporation appears to know well that improving your work life has a direct impact on your personal life, and that’s reflected in their approach. Employees are part of a mission to preserve natural resources and reduce the company’s environmental footprint, all the while enjoying exclusive discounts and working alongside coworkers from diverse backgrounds.

Final thoughts

Company culture isn’t just about perks and benefits. Although these can certainly boost employee morale, they cannot create a unified workforce. Indeed, a common element in all these examples is that they have a unique vision.

In order to achieve this vision, however, staff need to be motivated by the right objectives. It’s crucial, then, for employees to have freedom, flexibility and ownership over their work.

Can you think of any other companies with great company culture? Let us know in the comments section below.

This article is a partial update of a previous version originally published on October 27, 2017, and contains contributions by Electra Michaelidou. In the update, we added five more companies to our list.